Here we have put together a series of frequently asked questions about our products for you


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What is fruit wine?

Fruit wine is produced by alcoholic fermentation from the juice of fully ripe berry and stone fruit. Our fruit wines are subtly sweet and offer the fine taste of fresh fruits. Whether well chilled, drunk straight or splashed with soda ... always a treat!

How do I best drink fruit wine??

Fruit wines are suitable for pure enjoyment, for spraying with soda, for various cocktails and to refine desserts and warm drinks. Fruit wine should always be served well chilled ...

Where does fruit wine go with it?

Allacher Fruit wines convince as an aperitif or as a digestif, as a companion to a variety of dishes and desserts. In addition, the various cocktails can be created or sweets refined.

How much alcohol does fruit wine contain?

Our fruit wine in the classic 1 liter bottle contains 6% Alc. The fruit wine spritzer 7% and our premium fruit wines contain 8.5% Alc.

The fruit wine tastes the same in the 1 liter and the 0.75 liter bottles?

No. These are 2 different products. As with the traditional grape wine, there are also different quality levels in the fruit wine. The fruit wines in the 1 liter bottle are our classic fruit wines with 6% alcohol. These taste a bit sweeter, can be drunk pure or mixed with soda. Filled in the 0.75 liter bottles you will find our premium fruit wines. These have an alcohol content of 8.5% and develop their taste best pure and well chilled. But of course, these fruit wines can be mixed with soda. The two variants also differ in taste, as there are different varieties of each fruit and we use different and best types of fruit or mixtures depending on the product.

How long are the drinks durable?

We recommend our fruit wines to enjoy young, as they unfold their natural and beautiful bouquet in the first two years. There is no durability limit.

Are the fruit wine spritzer ready to drink?

Yes. All spritzers are already carbonated and ready to drink. If you like it as a refreshing and light summer drink you can also mix it with soda! Together with sparkling wine the peach and apple-kiwi spritzers also are suitable as a fruity aperitif.

Mulled wine and punch

Where can you buy the punch and mulled wine?

Orders are possible directly from us. Use our request for this. In our wine shop in Gols, in northern Burgenland, our products are also available individually. For larger quantities please order in advance. Our winter hot drinks are also available in wholesale

as well as at selected beverage dealers and punch stands in Germany and abroad.

Are mulled wine and punch ready to drink?

Yes. All our winter hot drinks are ready to drink (no concentrate) and just need to be heated. We recommend heating them in a commercial cooker to approx. 60 ° C, as this is the best way to enhance the taste. They should not be brought to a boil.

Are the products suitable for diabetics?

Our drinks are unfortunately not suitable for diabetics because of the sugar.

How long are the drinks durable?

All of our winter hot drinks can be stored unopened for at least 2 years and can also be stored frost-free in the cellar or garage for the next season. After opening, they are stable in the original container for about 8 days.

How long is the delivery time?

The goods will be handed over to the forwarding company immediately after receipt of payment. The delivery time within Austria is approx. 1-3 working days.

Do you ship into foreign countries?

Yes, from an order quantity of 20 canisters it is also possible to ship abroad. The average delivery time to neighboring countries is 2-5 working days. The delivery time to Switzerland about 3-5 working days plus customs clearance. Delivery time to other countries on request.

Can I choose different canister / sorts when ordering?

Yes, individual grades / canisters / boxes can be mixed on the pallet. For transport-technical reasons we recommend to order the goods in layers. All information regarding prices, delivery costs ... always refer to the total number of canisters.

General instructions for the correct preparation of mulled wine and punch

  1. Our winter hot drinks are already ready to drink, so do not dilute.
  2. Be sure to boil the Punschtopf with water before first use
    By decoction, possible production residues are removed, thus preventing changes in the taste of punch or mulled wine.
  3. Mulled wine and punch should go to approx. 60 ° C and is ready to serve immediately!
    The vessel should be closed when heated. The mulled wine and punch must NOT be allowed to cook, as the alcohol evaporates due to cooking or unpleasant changes in taste occur.
  4. Do not leave punch in the pot overnight >>> empty in original canister!
    It can lead to oxidation and this in turn can have an unpleasant effect on the smell and taste. Our canisters are heat resistant. So you do not have to wait for the punch to cool down completely.
  5. Mulled wine and punch is stable for 8 days after opening in the original container .
  6. Shelf life in originally sealed containers is at least 2 years.
  7. Store full canisters for the next season in the basement or garage frost-free
  8. Unopened containers can be returned (15% handling costs)
  9. Empty disposable canisters are already exempted from ARA and thus disposed of as plastic waste free of charge.

Additional instructions for using containers in combination with instantaneous water heaters

Please make sure that

  1. the system is not set too hot (product must not "cook")
  2. there is no air in the pipe
  3. no detergent residue is present in the plant
  4. Do not use unsuitable compressed gas such as Co2 or mixed drinks with Co2 content
  5. the line pressure is not too high
  6. For pump systems, the line is tight, so that no air is sucked in
  7. the outlet at the tap is not dirty or the valve is set incorrectly
  8. Überprüfen Sie die Qualität, bevor Sie bereits geöffnete Gebinde verwenden, in denen Produktreste gemischt wurden

Canister, Bag in Box or Container? Which container is right for me?

Here you will find all the information about the different types of containers and the advantages and disadvantages of mulled wine pots and mulled wine glasses.