Cherry wine classic
1 liter

When there is cherries time, childhood memories will awake. Sit in the cherry tree and nibble on the seductive red fruits. Which of us did not like that? These memories are revived with our delicious cherry wine.

For this we combine only the best varieties of sour cherry and sweet cherry, which have reached their perfect maturity on the tree. Thus, we achieve a balanced acid-sugar content, which ensures a great end result. Due to the slight bitter almond aroma, which comes from the core, receives our cherry wine, his unmistakable bouquet.

With only 6% alcohol, it presents pure or mixed with soda good chilled a light, refreshing summer drink. Taste it, you will be amazed.

Cherry wine details
Net filling quantity: 1 liter
Alcohol: 6 % vol.
Ingredients: Produced exclusively by alcoholic fermentation from cherry juice
Serving suggestions: Our fruit wines taste best ice-cooled (4 °C - 6 °C), pure, mixed with soda or sparkling wine or you can use it to refine cocktails.
Country of origin: Austria
Particularity: without preservatives, without genetic engineering
Allergens: contains sulphites
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, keep the opened bottle in the fridge and consume within a few days
Durability: We recommend to enjoy our fruit wines in the first two years, because in this time the smell and taste is most intense and fruity. There is no limit to durability
Important for wholesalers and resellers
Packaging unit 6 bottles per box
Recommended order unit: 19 cartons (= 1 layer), complete shipping pallet = 76 cartons (= 456 bottles)