Non-alcoholic fruit punch
A great taste without alcohol

Our fruit punch is the alcohol-free alternative to the alcohol containing punch varieties. It's not only popular with children but is also enjoyed by drivers and appreciated by tea enthusiasts looking for a non-alcoholic alternative in winter.

For our fruit punch, we take apple juice as basic. We add the taste-rich currant and strawberry juice, as well as fruity, natural punch flavors. Thus, our fruit punch gets its unique berry taste, which is very well received by the customers.

After the tasting and fine tuning, the punch is heated and hot filled. This makes it pasteurized and preserved. The fruit punch just needs to be heated and can be enjoyed.

Non-alcoholic Fruit-punch details
Net filling quantity: 10 liters
Alcohol 0 % vol.
Ingredients: Strawberry juice, apple juice, blackcurrant juice and elderberry juice with fruity, natural punch aromas, finely balanced with sugar, cinnamon and cloves
Serving suggestions Heat to 60° C and serve immediately. Please note: The punch must NOT cook (loss of quality!)
Country of origin Austria
Special READY-TO-DRINK (no concentrate) free from artificial flavors and colors only preserved by heating
Allergens contains sulphites
Storage: After opening, store in the original canister in a cool place and use within 4 days.
Durability: Shelf life in originally sealed containers is at least 2 years. All our winter hot drinks can be stored frost free in the cellar or garage for the next season without any problems.
Important for wholesalers and resellers
Recommended order unit: 20 canisters (= 1 layer), complete shipping pallet = 80 canisters (= 800 liters)
Other containers: 19-liter reusable container, 20-liter bag-in-box