Non-alcoholic orange-mango-punch
exotic, fruity, naturally cloudy

Non-alcoholic punch varieties are becoming increasingly popular at the Christmas markets. In order to be able to offer a larger selection of non-alcoholic beverages for children, drivers and all those prefer alternative, we have expanded our range.

For our new, alcohol-free orange-mango punch, we use the tasty juice of sun-ripened oranges, combined with the sweet juice of the exotic mango, refined with mandarin juice and a hint of cloves. Our naturally cloudy orange-mango punch results in a wonderful, alcohol-free taste experience.

Our ready-to-drink punch is preserved by pasteurization - only shake and heat it! Bring the taste of the sunny south to your Christmas market and try our new orange-mango punch.

Non-alcoholic orange-mango-punch
Net filling quantity: 10 liters
Alcohol 0 % vol.
Ingredients: Orange and mango juice, mandarin, clove and vitamin B2
Serving suggestions Heat to 60° C and serve immediately. Please note: The punch must NOT cook (loss of quality!)
Country of origin Austria
Special READY-TO-DRINK (no concentrate) free from artificial flavors and colors only preserved by heating
Allergens contains sulphites
Storage: After opening, store in the original canister in a cool place and use within 4 days.
Durability: Shelf life in originally sealed containers is at least 2 years. All our winter hot drinks can be stored frost free in the cellar or garage for the next season without any problems.
Important for wholesalers and resellers
Recommended order unit: 20 canisters (= 1 layer), complete shipping pallet = 80 canisters (= 800 liters)
Other containers: 19-liter reusable container, 20-liter bag-in-box