Peach wine miniatures

    Great taste in small bottles

    Small, handy and a real treat, that's how we describe our peach miniatures. For our peach miniatures we fill only the best vintage.

    A balanced blend of yellow-peach such as Redhaven or the particularly sweet Proskauer peach, as well as the white-fleshed slightly pungent vineyard peach give our peach wine its particularly intense flavor and fragrance. Great emphasis is placed on the quality of the fruits so that we can only produce the best wine for our customers. The peach juice is gently fermented in our cellar and bottled after completion in the 0.2 liter bottles. A bottle of our peach miniatures let you dream of summer in every season.

    With only 6% alcohol, our peach miniatures are an easy alternative to heavier wines. Due to the light carbon dioxide, the peach wine is tangy and refreshing and is ideal for catering but also at home and takeaway.

    Details about Peach wine miniatures