Strawberry wine miniatures
Great taste in small bottles

Small but powerful - this is how our strawberry miniatures present themselves.

For our strawberry miniatures, we use only the tastiest and sweetest strawberry varieties, such as Elvira and Honeoye, which ripen on the strawberry fields under bright sun. Through gentle fermentation in the cellar, the popular fruits are processed into a special drinking pleasure. The intense red of the berries is reflected in the wine and the strawberry scent on the nose makes you feel as if you were biting into a fresh strawberry.

With only 6% alcohol and in the small bottle, our strawberry tots are a light summery and slightly carbonated, tangy refreshment, perfect for caterings, market stalls, restaurants or takeaways.

Strawberry wine miniatures details
Net filling quantity: 0.2 liter
Alcohol: 6 % vol.
Ingredients: Produced exclusively by alcoholic fermentation from strawberry juice
Serving suggestions: Our fruit wines taste best ice-cooled (4 °C - 6 °C), pure, mixed with soda or sparkling wine or you can use it to refine cocktails.
Country of origin: Austria
Particularity: without preservatives, without genetic engineering
Allergens: contains sulphites
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, keep the opened bottle in the fridge and consume within a few days
Durability: We recommend to enjoy our fruit wines in the first two years, because in this time the smell and taste is most intense and fruity. There is no limit to durability
Important for wholesalers and resellers
Packaging unit 12 bottles per box