Our new, extra strong creation with 14 % alcohol

One of the new, strong creations of the upcoming winter season is our latest product, the blueberry-turbo-punch with an impressive 14% alcohol.

We use extra strong berry wine combined with aromatic blueberry juice, elderberry juice and fine spices. You can already smell the typical berry-like scent of blueberries in the nose, which tempts you to try our new creation. Due to the color-intensive juices this punch gets a particularly deep dark red strong color. Owing to the higher alcohol content, our blueberry-punch is one of the extra strong varieties and warms you from the inside.

If you are cold in winter, our blueberry turbo punch will make you glow!

Blueberry-turbo-punch details
Net filling quantity: 0.75 liter
Alcohol 14 % vol.
Ingredients: Extra strong berry wine with blueberry juice, elderberry juice, fine spices and brown sugar
Serving suggestions Heat to 60° C and serve immediately. Please note: The punch must NOT cook (loss of quality!)
Country of origin Austria
Special READY-TO-DRINK (no concentrate) no addition of alcoholic flavors only preserved by heating
Allergens contains sulphites
Storage: After opening store refrigerated and use within 8 days.
Durability: The shelf life for unopened bottles are at least 2 years.

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