White mulled wine
The white classic in the cold season!

In addition to the classic red mulled wine, the demand for mulled wine from white wine is growing, so we have included this in our assortment.

For the production we exclusively use Austrian local wine. For the production of white mulled wine we also use the original leaching process: cinnamon sticks, cloves and sugar are added directly into the white wine tank. After 6 days, when the spices are "leached out", the ready-to-drink mulled wine is filtered off. A hint of citrus gives the hot drink a refreshing but also Christmas taste experience. Just heat up and enjoy.

White mulled wine details
Net filling quantity: 0.75 liter
Alcohol 10 % vol.
Ingredients: Austrian local wine with cloves, cinnamon, granulated sugar and a hint of citrus
Serving suggestions Heat to 60° C and serve immediately. Please note: The mulled wine must NOT cook (loss of quality!)
Country of origin Austria
Special already READY-TO-DRINK traditional production process (no added flavor) only preserved by heating
Allergens contains sulphites
Storage: After opening store refrigerated and use within 8 days.
Durability: The shelf life for unopened bottles are at least 2 years.

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