Non-alcoholic mulled wine

"Glühwein-Punsch" - the mulled wine alternative without alcohol!

More and more Christmas market visitors pay attention to the motto: "Don´t Drink and Drive". For that reason, we took this opportunity to create the "Glühwein-Punsch", our alcohol-free mulled-wine variant, to enjoy the Advent season free of alcohol.

We use rich juice of red grapes in combination with elderberry juice and mulled wine spices. As a result, it tastes like traditional mulled wine, only without alcohol.

For production, we have developed a special direct leaching process. Cinnamon sticks and cloves are added directly into the grape juice tank where they are leached out. After about 6 days the ready-to-drink alcohol free mulled wine is filtered off. It's labor intensive, but it's worth it. Try it for yourself, you'll be surprised!

Details about Non-alcoholic mulled wine