Regional specialty from domestic apples

Baked apples make us indulge in childhood memories and are just as much a part of the Christmas season as hot punch. That gave us the idea to combine both. Consequently, we created a baked apple punch, according to an old hand-made recipe.

Cinnamon and cloves give the fruity apple cider, from which we make our baked apple punch, its unique Christmas flavor. Caramelized sugar not only provides the sweetness, but also the typical baked apple fragrance. Even at the first sip you have the feeling that you have bitten into a baked apple. Try it and convince yourself!

Baked-apple-punch details
Net filling quantity: 0.75 liter
Alcohol 7 % vol.
Ingredients: Pome fruit wine with apple juice, caramel sugar, cinnamon bark, cloves and natural fruit flavors
Serving suggestions Heat to 60° C and serve immediately. Please note: The punch must NOT cook (loss of quality!)
Country of origin Austria
Special READY-TO-DRINK (no concentrate) free from artificial flavors and colors only preserved by heating
Allergens contains sulphites
Storage: After opening store refrigerated and use within 8 days.
Durability: The shelf life for unopened bottles are at least 2 years.