With love, care and selected raw materials

The country's best growing areas

The plains around Lake Neusiedl are also known as Austria's orchard. In spring, entire tracts of land are covered by the blossoms of the trees with soft pink and white. Pollinated by bees, the noble fruits soon grow up.

Blooming trees in Gols Strawberry field Hans Allacher checking a cherry tree

The raw materials: berry and stone fruit

The mild climate and the many hours of sunshine make the fruit ripen especially well. The main harvest time of the delicious fruits is from late May to mid-July. The variety selection, expert harvesting and sorting are the foundation for our quality.

Tanks and filter system of the Obstland-Kellerei Allacher Tanks in the wine cellar of Obstland-Kellerei Allacher

Fermentation and processing

Gently pressed to juice and filled in tanks, takes place within a few weeks, the conversion to light fruity fruit wine. After the fermentation process and the subsequent filtration, the young wines of the different varieties have time for storage and ripening.

Panorama of the bottling plant

Bottling and packaging of fruit wine

The modern filling and equipment technology of our machines enables a rational production under hygienic conditions. The bottles, packed in handy boxes, are sized on pallets and then stored in our warehouses.